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  • If you watch TV or listen to radio, you can’t miss the pervasive advertisements for tax relief companies. But how do you know if you can you trust any of these companies? The top reasons people need Tax Resolutions are as follows:

    • Offer in compromise
    • Installment agreement
    • Currently not collectible
    • Penalty Abatement
    • Innocent spouse relief
    • IRS Appeals

    Don’t be side-tracked if one or more of the following happens to you. The general consensus reflects these complaints about Tax Resolution Companies. Keep your eyes open, because statistically speaking, you will fall victim to one of the unprofessional behaviors by a Tax Relief Company.

    1. Outlandish fees.If a tax resolution company is going to charge you $3,000 or more for representation, you deserve the VIP treatment. You should have direct access to your licensed tax professional to the end.
    2. Continuation fees.Many tax resolution companies tend to slap you with new fees once you’re on board with them, figuring you’re locked in. Read between the lines on the agreement before getting stuck with surprises.
    3. Bad advice. Yes, this does happen. As unfortunate as it is, plainly and simply, many tax resolution companies will advise you to do the wrong thing.
    4. Dishonest advice, i.e. lying. The oldest trick in the tax resolution sales book is to tell someone that they’ll qualify for an Offer in Compromise to settle their tax debt when they clearly do not qualify. There are shady salespeople that take advantage of others by using this tactic.
    5. Misstating urgency and scare tactics. Tax resolution sales people often harass those with tax liens, they’re infamous for telling you that the world will end if you don’t hire them instantly. Tax relief companies will often manipulate your emotions to make the sale. There’s no reason to fake urgency. An honest tax professional should lay out all the options for you without emotion or scare tactics.
    6. Employee turnover. Whether big or small, tax resolution companies are notorious for having high employee turnover.  That in itself should speak miles on their credibility.  Often times, the “salesperson”, is great at sales but not so great at tax resolution. The clients are the ones that pay the price for this.
    7. Dropping the ball. Keeping your client out of aggressive collection actions like levies and garnishments requires constant attentiveness and a very delicate special touch. Large companies are well-known for cases falling into the cracks and subsequently, clients getting nailed with levies from the IRS.
    8. Going out of business. Running an effective tax resolution business requires a unique blend of great customer service with excellent marketing. Take one of those two elements away and you’re out of business. This has become more of a fact with the motive behind many companies being profitable. Those companies that focus on quantity versus quality are the main driver for them putting a lock on their business doors.

    Here at Ortiz CPA & Company Complete Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on integrity and relationships with our clients. We understand that sometimes people need help finding the best solution for their tax situation. With nearly 50 years of experience in business and accounting, our team knows that handling IRS issues can be frustrating and overwhelming. We want to be your trusted partner. Contact us today and let us handle this issue so that you can sleep better at night.

    Your Friend & Partner,

    Ortiz CPA & Company Complete Business Solutions

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